Monday, November 21, 2011

Overheard at my last Bullpen Cap VC Meeting

I'm lucky enough to be on the advisory team at Bullpen Capital. The main part of that job is that once a month we have a meeting where the advisors get to hear multiple start-up pitches and give our thoughts about each.

It's always great fun but it's also not unusual that I find myself in a situation like this one:

Managing Director: "Everyone meet our new member Bob. Let's go around the room and introduce ourselves to him.  Josh - you start"

Josh: "Ok. Yeah, so I was a Senior Product guy at Linked back in its early days. Then I went to Zazzle and Headed up product development for them. From there I went to Facebook for a few years before landing at Twitter - wow, those were wild and fun times. Currently, I'm a Principal for an awesome VC firm here in the valley."

Managing Director: "Great! Paul, you're up. Tell us who you are."

Me: "Huh? Who am I? Oh. um. I grew up in Ohio, I like pizza, and I'm never sitting next to Josh again. Next."

Of course, the little secret is that I make sure to sit next to people like Josh every time. I figure, surrounding yourself with overachievers can't help but rub off a bit.

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lupus said...

Always be the worst guy in every band you're in. -- Pat Metheny